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Reminder: Daylight Savings Begins on Sunday + Other Seasonal Reminders

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source: masatoshi_

Just a quick reminder that Daylight Savings begins this weekend, as we “spring forward” at 1:59 a.m. on Sunday, March 11th.

Unlike the fall time change, when we actually gain an hour, Daylight Savings means we lose an hour overnight, but gain an additional hour of light in the evening, which works for  me as the warm weather approaches!

To minimize the effects of Daylight Savings changes, we usually start adjusting our kids’ sleep schedules 15 minutes at a time in the days leading up the official switch. Those incremental changes are a little easier on their bodies than a full hour at once!

Many people replace the batteries in their smoke detectors when they change their clocks (which is a great way to make sure you’re doing it regularly and avoid being woken up by a chirping detector in the middle of the night!).

Here is a list of additional activities you might consider with the time change as well:

  • Change the batteries in your carbon monoxide detectors (and maybe your thermostat(s) as well).
  • Check medication expiration dates.
  • Restock your first aid kit.
  • Check and replace car lights as needed.
  • Swap seasonal clothes.
  • Switch the direction of your ceiling fans (for most people, this will be clockwise, but it can depend on the orientation of your blades, so test it to see which direction pushes air up to mix it without blowing directly on you).
  • Make biannual dentist appointments.
  • Practice a family fire drill.
  • Update your emergency kit.
  • Pull out and clean outdoor toys.
  • Start thinking about your spring garden.

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What other seasonal activities would you add to the list?