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Reminder: Google Reader Shutting Down on 7/1

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Alternatives to Google Reader at

Just a quick reminder that when you wake up on July 1st, Google Reader will be no more!

How does this affect you? Well, if you’re currently subscribed to Life Your Way and/or other sites in Reader, you’ll want to find an alternative so that you don’t miss out on posts after it disappears. If you’re not currently using Google Reader, you still might find these options helpful so that you can stay in touch with your favorite sites without having to check for new posts all the time!

Here are my top choices:

Email Newsletters

Many of our subscribers prefer email so that the latest posts are delivered directly to their inbox. If that’s you, you can subscribe to either our daily or weekly newsletter:

Daily Newsletter

Receive daily updates with the latest blog posts (just enter your email address and hit enter):

Weekly Newsletter

Get the highlights from the week plus special features, including recipes, tips and more (just enter your email address and hit enter):


Another option, especially if you’re a regular Facebook user, is to connect with us on Facebook. The tricky part about this option is that Facebook does not show you every post we make on the Life Your Way page, so you might still miss some of our best posts. But if you click on the Liked button and select both Get Notifications and Show in News Feed, you’ll at least see more of them!

Other Feed Readers

Or, as I mentioned a few months ago when Facebook first announced this change, you can set up a new feed reader.

I am personally using Feedly, which is a robust platform that seems ready to fill Google Reader’s shoes. Read more about setting up Feedly here, and be sure to set up your account before July 1st so that you can import all of your current Google Reader subscriptions!

Other bloggers and readers have also recommended these feed readers, so you may want to investigate to decide which one you like best:

How do you stay connected with your favorite blogs?