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Revealed: The Best Memory Foam Mattress

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Amerisleep AS3

Amerisleep AS3 has been named the best memory foam mattress by mattress experts EachNight. The news comes just days after the same mattress was named the best mattress overall in 2022 compared to different makes and styles of mattresses.

Customers have been raving about the Amerisleep AS3 and have left the mattress with a rating of 4.5 stars and thousands of positive reviews. One of the main selling points of the mattress is the Bio-Pur® material that it is made from. This plant-based material is sustainable and capable of temperature control, which ensures that you are kept cool throughout the night.

The stable foam of the Amerisleep AS3 also helps distribute the sleeper’s weight evenly to relieve pressure points and keep your spine aligned. Unlike traditional memory foam’s usual 20 to 30-second response time, Bio-Pur® adapts to movement in as little as three to four seconds. Couples can also move on the bed without disturbing their partner, thanks to the motion isolation of the mattress.

Every Amerisleep AS3 mattress comes with a lightweight cover that can be removed and washed for consistent freshness. Two inches of Affinity foam with HIVE® technology are located underneath the breathable cover and Bio-Pur® layer. This layer helps target spinal support and encourages good sleeping positions for your back and joints. The final layer consists of Bio-Core® foam, which supports the top layers.

Zoma Mattress

In the same mattress review, EachNight also labeled the Zoma Mattress as the best memory foam mattress for back pain, thanks to its innovative design that is specifically aimed at athletes.

Some of the mattress highlights include the gel memory foam layer with Triangulex™ technology. The cooling gel helps moderate the sleeper’s body temperature while also promoting good spinal alignment.

Although the mattress is rated as a medium-firm overall, the varying support structure allows the necessary support and softness where needed. It is probably best suited to side and back sleepers for this reason.

The shoulders and hips of the sleeper rest upon a softer area of the mattress, whereas the support under the sleeper’s midsection is firmer to provide extra lift. The Zoma Mattress also consists of two inches of Reactiv™ foam and seven inches of durable poly-foam, Support+ foam. Reactiv™ foam helps to give the mattress a bouncier feel than traditional memory foam mattresses. In contrast, the Support+ foam helps to support the top memory foam layers of the mattress and increase the overall durability.

Top nine memory foam mattresses of 2022

If you’re looking for a cheap memory foam mattress while not sacrificing quality, then the Vaya mattress is for you. This model has been voted the best budget-friendly mattress in 2022 due to its eco-friendly material, luxury feel and back support.

Best Price Range

With a price range of $349 to $799, the Vaya mattress is a fraction of the price of its competitors. The dual-sided design also means that this mattress allows you the option of both a soft and firm mattress in one. Both sides of the mattress feature copper-infused memory foam, which gives responsive support and temperature control. The copper layer also helps reduce bacteria build-up, which helps keep the mattress smelling fresh. You can also unzip the mattress cover to wash it.

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Best Temperature Control

The best mattress for temperature control is the GhostBed Luxe. Each night voted this mattress to be the best cooling memory foam mattress of 2022, largely due to the Ghost Ice fabric on the top layer. This fabric contains cooling fiber that allows the mattress to breathe and materials designed to react to body heat, which helps prevent you from overheating.

Ghost Ice foam is beneath the Ghost Ice fabric, which is sandwiched between two layers of gel memory foam. The Ghost Ice foam helps with heat dispersion, while the gel memory foam helps support side and combo sleepers by reducing pressure points.

Despite the various mattresses that contain gel memory foam, the PlushBeds Cool Bliss has been named the Best Gel Memory Foam mattress of 2022. The mattress’ design incorporates both memory foam and latex and transition layers that help keep the mattress breathable. While the memory foam provides a luxurious feel, the bounce caused by the latex prevents you from sinking too far into the mattress.

Below is a table showing which makes and models are the best memory foam mattresses, including each price range.

Some sleepers prefer firm mattresses, especially those who like sleeping on their stomach or back. The Puffy Original has been voted the Best Mattress For Back Sleepers, while the Plank has been voted the Best Firm Memory Foam mattress. A supportive mattress can help to reduce aches and pains, as well as realign your spine.

Best Flippable Mattress

It can be hard to work out what kind of mattress you want, especially if you tend to sleep in many different positions. Thankfully, the Layla Mattress can prove a good solution to this problem. It was voted the Best Flippable mattress of 2022 due to the soft and firm sides. The firm side is recommended for back and stomach sleepers, whereas the softer side is ideal for side sleepers.

Both sides have memory foam infused with copper, a conductive material that helps draw the heat away from your body to keep you cool. A Max Airflow Support Foam layer is located underneath the memory foam layer, which helps to increase airflow and maintain a cool temperature.

Best for Couples

Some couples find keeping cool during the night hard, especially as traditional memory foam mattresses often retain heat. However, the WinkBeds Gravity Lux is ideal for couples as it releases and disperses heat quickly and minimizes movement. The AirCell™ foam helps support the different sleeping positions of both people and reduces ripples caused by motion.


We hope that this review will be beneficial in helping you decide what type of mattress will bring you the most comfort and quality of sleep.

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