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101 Days of Christmas: Ring the Salvation Army Bell

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As we kick off the holiday shopping season, a great way to help families in your own city and state is to volunteer to ring the Salvation Army bell. In our experience, the local coordinators are always looking for more volunteers!

This is a fun and meaningful activity for kids, and children ringing the bell tends to lead to more donations, which is an added bonus. Call your local Salvation Army to find out who coordinates the bell ringing schedule and sign up for a slot!

Depending on the weather in your area and time of day you sign up for, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The sign up slots in our area are fairly long, but I know many families who will split a session so that their kids aren’t standing out in the cold for 3 hours!
  • Take a thermos of hot chocolate — or pick some up on your way — to keep warm.
  • Pack snacks for kids who might get hungry (or bored!).
  • The kettles unclip from the stand, so you should be able to run inside a nearby store for a quick bathroom break if needed.
  • Dress in layers. It might be colder than you expect if the wind is blowing or warmer than you expect if the sun is shining, and layers make it easy to warm up and cool down as needed.
  • Be sure to ask whether you need to bring your own bell and what you should do with the kettle when you’re done if the coordinator doesn’t offer that information. We were left trying to figure those things out on our own the first time we did it!

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