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Royal icing shapes and decorations {101 Days of Christmas}

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Royal Icing Shapes & Decorations

I think royal icing just might be my favorite discovery of 2014. It’s easy to make at home, lasts forever in the fridge (which will be perfect next birthday season, when we have four birthdays in six weeks!) and can be used in so many different ways — to decorate cookies, hold graham cracker houses together, and now…to make cool shapes!

Yep, this is probably obvious to many of you, but I just realized that you can do this, and I was so excited I had to share!

Royal Icing Shapes & Decorations

Because royal icing dries solid, it’s perfect for making shapes and decorations to add to cookies, cupcakes and more.

And it’s super easy to do:

Add a thin round tip to your icing tube. (You can actually use a variety of tips for different shapes, flowers, etc, but I used a thin tip for all of the shapes above because of the extra control.)

Lay out a piece of wax paper.

Carefully “draw” the outline of your shape on the wax paper with your icing and then fill the outline and smooth it out.

Add sprinkles while it’s still wet, one color at a time, carefully shaking the excess off the wax paper in between colors and shapes. For the multi-color hat, I first drew and colored the green part and then added the icing for the red part, which kept the colors from getting mixed up for the most part.

The snowflakes and stars are my favorite, but I also broke a lot of snowflakes while trying to remove them from the wax paper because they’re so fragile, so it’lifes best to make those lines thick and make plenty of extras to compensate for the ones that break!

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