Safe Babywearing from the Beginning

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Safe Babywearing from the Beginning

As a working mom, I’ve struggled in the past with frustration and even depression when I felt like I was sacrificing time with our new babies because I had work to do and deadlines to meet, which is why an actual maternity leave was so important to me this time around.

But just because Jackson’s now six weeks old doesn’t mean I’m suddenly ready to work full time while Sean enjoys the cuddling and caring for him, and so I’ve been very intentional about babywearing from the moment we brought him home from the hospital.

You see, what I didn’t realize with our girls was that I waited too long to start wearing them, which meant they didn’t really love it all that much. While babywearing from the start doesn’t guarantee that babies will love it (I have a friend whose toddler has always hated it, despite the fact that she’s a babywearing advocate herself and has successfully worn her other children), it definitely helps.

So from the very first week, I’ve worn Jackson at home. When I’m doing laundry, cooking dinner, straightening up or sitting at the computer, I put him in the Boba Wrap (which I purchased on the recommendation from several friends and love) or my no-sew ring sling.

And when we’re out and about — whether that’s running errands, grocery shopping or watching a parade — I wear him.

He often sleeps as soon as I tuck him in the sling, although more and more he wants to be awake and looking around. But he’s almost always happy, even if he was fussing just minutes earlier.

Not only does it help him get used to the carrier, but my body is adjusting more easily as he gets bigger, rather than suddenly strapping a 15-pound baby on and expecting it to be easy!

Safe Babywearing from the Beginning

Safe Babywearing

While I truly believe that babywearing is not only convenient but also healthy for both mom and baby, here are a few safety tips to keep in mind:

1. Make sure baby is in the right position by following the TICKS guidelines:

  • Tight — baby should be held securely against your chest
  • In view at all times — you should always be able to see baby’s face just by glancing down
  • Close enough to kiss — baby should be high up on your chest, so that you can easily kiss his or her head
  • Keep chin off the chest — his or her chin should not be tucked down on their chest but lifted at least a finger’s width to keep the airway open
  • Supported back — the carrier should support the baby’s back in a natural position so they’re not slumped down

2. Wear baby facing you, not facing out.

Our first daughter spent a lot of time in a popular soft carrier, facing out as she took in the world, but studies increasingly show that facing in is better for baby’s development because it better supports their spine and hips in a natural position. (And our oldest daughter does have hip issues, which may or may not be related to her time in that carrier.)

3. Choose your activities carefully.

While I do cook with Jackson in the sling, I’m especially careful to do it safely — with his hands tucked inside the sling, knives carried away from us and with their covers, etc.

Similarly, it’s important to be careful on stairs and slippery surfaces and to avoid activities that could result in a fall, such as climbing a ladder, participating in sports and so on.

4. Practice makes perfect.

When trying a new carrier, have someone spot you as you learn to put baby in the carrier. It also helps to put on the carrier in front of a mirror the first few times, and you may find that sitting on the floor or couch works just as well as standing for those first few practices!

For more babywearing tips, visit my Safe Babywearing board on Pinterest!

About Boba

Boba is the only baby carrier company that exclusively sells baby carriers that keep baby facing inward.

The Boba Wrap is a stretchy wrap that’s easy to tie and use! With no buckles, straps or buttons, it’s simple and comfortable. And because it evenly distributes baby’s weight, you can easily wear them for hours, keeping them warm and secure at home or out and about.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Boba. The opinions and text are all mine.