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Sandpaper Printed Valentines & Thank You Cards

The following post is from Kristina of Toddler Approved:

Sandpaper Printed Valentines
source: Toddler Approved

During the year we are always looking for ways to show kindness towards friends and family members. One simple way to spread a little cheer is by sending a note or card to say thank you or express love.

This week we decided to revisit sandpaper printing, one of our favorite printing techniques, and use it to create some Valentine’s and thank you notes for friends.  

Sandpaper printing requires very few materials but is an activity recommended for kids ages 5+. Little artists need to be able to press pretty hard when they are coloring with their crayons and this is challenging for littler kids. It is however a great way to strengthen finger muscles, so if you think your child is up for the challenge, go for it!


  • crayons
  • sandpaper (We like coarse sandpaper because it gives more texture.)
  • cardstock or blank notecards (White makes the printed designs stand out the most.)
  • scissors
  • towel
  • iron
Sandpaper Printed Valentines Collage-1
source: Toddler Approved

1. Draw a shape or design on sandpaper. We like to outline our shapes with a Sharpie first so that it makes the design easier to see when cutting it out.

2. Color in the shape with crayons. Make sure to press hard and draw on the rough side of the sandpaper!

3. Cut out your shape.

4. Press the sandpaper (crayon side down) onto your cardstock. Cover the paper with a thin cloth and slowly press on the design using a hot iron. Hold for approx. 10 seconds.

5. Remove the iron and pull up the cloth and sandpaper to reveal your printed design on the paper.

6. Add a handwritten note inside (and any other embellishments on the card) and send it off to a friend!

If you’re like me, you will want to do this project again and again. It is a bit addicting once you get started and so fun to see how the colors transfer! This is also a neat way to print onto dishtowels and t-shirts.

Here are a few other cards we like:

Do you prefer to make cards or buy them? Do your kids write thank you notes or have that become a lost art? 

Featured Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Kristina is a mom of 3 and a former Special Ed teacher for children with communication disabilities. She blogs at Toddler Approved as she looks for ways to make life a little more fun and creative with her kids while embedding learning into everything that she does. Kristina tweets as @ToddlerApproved and can be found on FB and Pinterest.