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Save Money and the Environment with Cloth Swim Diapers

monkey doodlez swim diaper

My first “professional” blog was called Doodles’ Place. It was a mommy blog, really, with crafts, cupcakes, easy meals and more. At that time, I nicknamed my three girls Pumpkin Doodle, Monkey Doodle and Sweet Doodle. So of course I was excited when I came across a company called Monkey Doodlez!

Monkey Doodlez is a Canadian-based cloth diaper company with their own line of patented Tuck and Go diapers. We’ve cloth diapered sporadically during the past 3.5 years, and I am intrigued by their patented design, but the real draw for me is their adorable line of swim diapers.

I’ve always hated buying swim diapers because they seem like such a huge waste of money! We try to rinse them out and reuse them anyway, but I’ll admit we end up just ripping the sides and throwing them away frequently as well.

The beauty of a cloth swim diaper is that you only have to invest in them once and then you can reuse them through multiple children.

They’re environmentally friendly since you’re not throwing them away after every swim, plus their soft polyester lining makes them comfortable as well. And with a rainbow of colors available, you can choose the one(s) you like best.

Stay tuned because next weekend we’ll be giving away three of these adorable swim diapers!

In the meantime, I want to know…do you cloth diaper? Have you used cloth swim diapers?