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Save the Date!

How to Let People Know About Your Wedding

Are you interested in purchasing “save the dates” for your wedding but just don’t know where to start? Buying save the date cards is a fairly new trend with which you announce your wedding date to your friends and family. “Save the dates” are very general and do not require much information to be put on them, but for first-time brides, it can be a little confusing with all of the options around. 

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What Your “Save the Dates” Should Include

Before considering your options, it is important for you to fully understand what information is necessary for a “save the date” and what is not. Save the dates should always have both yours and your partner’s names, the words “save the date,” the exact date of the wedding, and the city where your wedding will take place. 

Details such as registry information, the location of the ceremony or reception, the time of day, meal options, and RSVP information should not be included with “save the dates.” This information should be left solely for the wedding invitation itself. 

“Save the dates” should only include enough information so that family and friends can block off the entire day to attend your wedding. Most wedding ceremonies last 30 minutes to an hour, and the reception usually follows for another 4-5 hours. Generally, most people know this and can plan accordingly. 

Who Should Get “Save the Dates”?

It is important that you send a “save the date” to every person that you want at your wedding. This includes family, close friends, and the people in the bridal party. 

NOTE: Something you must consider is households. If there is a home with multiple people that you want to attend your wedding, say a family of four, then you can address the “save the dates” to the family as a whole (instead of sending each member of the family their own). However, if there are only one or two people in the household that you are planning on inviting, the way you address the save the date will be different. In this case, it is important to either send each individual their own personal “save the date.” Ideally, this will help guests avoid any confusion about who is invited. By doing this, you are also less likely that people you definitely don’t want at your wedding will assume that they are invited, simply because they’re roommates with somebody you do want to invite.

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Types of “Save the Dates”

There are a lot of options when it comes to buying “save the dates.” Many people do postcards, magnets, photos, and much more. There are benefits and drawbacks to both. If you are on a budget, a postcard might be a great option for you. Postcards are easy to send and very customizable. Another benefit is that it is very cheap to buy stamps for postcards. They are small and provide the perfect amount of space for the required information are easy to hang on a refrigerator. The drawback with these is that it is easy for the outside of them to get damaged in the mail. They may get water spots or ink from other items on them. 

Magnets are another great option. They are sturdier than postcards and can also be customized. On the other hand, magnets are often more expensive, and they are also more expensive to mail due to the extra weight. They also have the possibility of sticking to one another during delivery. This leads to a single person receiving more than one magnet and others not receiving theirs at all.  

Photos are similar to postcards. However, if they are put in an envelope, they are more likely to stay safe during transit. 

Save the dates simply printed on paper is also a good option. However, keep in mind that you want the save the date from being small enough to put on the refrigerator. This way, people will be reminded of the upcoming wedding every time they get something to eat.  

Finally, remember that you will also be sending formal invitations as well as “save the dates.” The added cost of wedding invitations is worth it to ensure your guests can make it–and to help you manage your guest list. “Save the dates” are their own thing, so have fun with them!

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