Savor the moments and fill your soul

Savor the moments and fill your soul

Savor the moments and fill your soul

It’s 8pm the night before the clocks spring forward and I’m in bed, especially desperate to fall asleep knowing that I’ll lose an hour of sleep tonight even if the baby has a good night.

It’s been a full day that started during my “quiet” early morning hours when our youngest daughter started throwing up and then continued with our second daughter’s birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese and a shopping trip at Aldi. On a Saturday.

It’s an understatement to say that I’m looking forward to these few minutes of quiet reading before I fall asleep. As an introvert, time by myself—time for thinking, time without any noise or interaction—is crucial for my ability to pour into these little people, for my ability to function at all, really.

Suddenly I hear a sound that’s become all too familiar…the pitter patter of tiny toddler feet making their way to our room.

The tiny toddler climbs onto the bed in the dark and yanks at the blanket to indicate he wants to snuggle.

As I pull him to me, I notice that his tiny toddler fist has a death grip on his trusty broom. The next thing I know, he’s spinning and twisting the broom above our heads, putting on a performance just for me.

It would be so easy to be frustrated, to call out for Sean to come get him. But even at 16 months, these moments are increasingly rare, so I savor this one instead. I inhale the scent of his lemonade shampoo and watch his tiny mouth form the sounds that accompany his show while his shadowy eyelashes flutter in the dark.

I savor the feel of his tiny body tucked up against me and the knowing that—at least for a moment—he’s chosen me over daddy.

There will be time to read. Maybe not as much time as I’d hoped, maybe none tonight.

But sometimes savoring the people we love is the best kind of self care, reminding us of the incredible privilege of calling them ours while filling our souls with joy.

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  1. I had a similar thought this morning with my 11 month old woke early and fell back asleep in bed with us. I thought how these cuddling moments are becoming increasingly rare and I want to savor them while I can. So, know that I’m saving right along with you, Mandi!

  2. Our almost 19 year old daughter crawled onto our bed Friday night after electing to stay at home rather than drive back to the dorm after a babysitting job. I let her snuggle right in so she could tell me about her evening with 4 mo. old Ike. I love it when the girls do this. Hubby always makes a fuss but deep down, he’s glad they do it. He usually just feels like they pick me over him…wonder why? I don’t fuss, I scoot over and let ’em in!

  3. Snuggle now as long as they will let you. My son Sam 14 yrs old passed away August 2, 2014 and I don’t have that snuggle time any more. Love them, let them snuggle in bed, sleep with you when the want and get as many neck squeezes as you can now because you never now when God is going to call them home.

  4. Oh, Lynne, I’m so very sorry for your loss.

    Thank you for the reminder. <3

  5. I will be 24 in December and have a 4 year old of my own but there are still moments when I have to just go to mom and at the very least be held. She’s helps me through major back surgery, endometriosis, lupus, single parenting, and crazy self discovery. No matter where I find happiness and peace, Mom is always “home”.

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