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101 Days of Christmas: Screen Printed Gift Bags

Screen Printed Gift bags

This isn’t actual screen printing, of course, but using the Silhouette Fabric Ink Starter Kit that Silhouette sent me, my husband created a stencil with Merry Christmas in block letters for me to use to add some custom touches to these burlap gift bags I’d picked up a few months ago.

The process is easy, and while I had a little bit of bleeding around the edges because of the thick weave of the burlap, I think they turned out really cute. I tied a big red bow onto the handles to make it even more festive, but I love the overall simplicity of it!


  • Silhouette CAMEO
  • Stencil vinyl & transfer tape
  • Fabric ink
  • Mixing tray
  • Applicator brush

**If you don’t have a Silhouette or Cricut, you could also hand cut letters using contact paper and an x-acto knife.


Start by creating your stencil in the Silhouette design software. Be sure to leave margin around your design to protect the rest of your fabric from the paint.

Run your stencil vinyl through the Silhouette to cut out your design.

Apply your transfer tape to the finished design and peel the backing off your stencil vinyl. Carefully apply the vinyl to the fabric, smoothing out ripples and bubbles as you go. Peel off the transfer vinyl, leaving the vinyl in place, and then carefully remove the design cutouts to create a stencil for your paint.

Add your fabric ink to your mixing tray. Dab your foam brush into the ink and then onto the tray again to remove any excess paint. Begin dabbing it onto your project to fill in the stencil.

Once you’re finished painting the stencil, let the paint dry for 20 minutes. Then carefully peel the stencil off the fabric.

Press with a hot iron to bond the ink to the fabric, and you’re done!

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