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Seasonal changes, hand-me-downs and fall boots

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Famous Footwear for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

It doesn’t matter how organized I am, switching over the seasonal clothing is always BIG job. I tend to put it off until the last possible moment, patching together outfits that are warm enough for early morning soccer games and hiking in the mountains while I put off the big rotation! The thing about having a large family is that we’re really into hand-me-downs—hand-me-down bikes and skis, hand-me-down curricula, and hand-me-down clothes, including shoes and fall boots.

While all of our hand-me-downs are organized into totes by size and gender, each of our girls’ has a very distinct style and clothing preferences, so switching over the clothes means going through the boxes piece by piece to pick out what they like and make sure they have enough-but-not-too-many outfits selected. (This year we’re shooting for 8 long-pant, long-sleeve outfits and 2-3 short outfits.)

Last year our third daughter was only comfortable in wide-legged pants with elastic waistbands, which meant we ended up in the boys’ section to find pants that fit well. This year she’s wearing skinny jeans and leggings…something I wouldn’t have anticipated in a million years. And our youngest daughter was so excited about all the clothes in her box that she’s come downstairs fully dressed before breakfast each day, ready to show off a new outfit.

As part of this process, we also make a list of things they’re each missing or really want. For example, the big girls both requested a fall dress, and for some reason, we have almost no long-sleeve shirts in size 8/10.

Once we finish the clothes, we move onto the shoes. Because there are so many of us, we typically limit the number of shoes each person has. They’re incredibly good kids, and no one complains about having to wear hand-me-downs (it helps that we get some really cool ones from a cousin!), but sometimes a girl just wants her own pair of cute shoes!

With this in mind, I was so excited to be able to treat everyone to new boots from Famous Footwear for the fall.

Yes, Famous Footwear sent me a gift card to facilitate this post, but the really amazing thing is that during one of their famous BOGO1/2OFF sales, we got all four girls the boots of their choice (like these Kids Rattlin Fringe Bootie) for just $125. These are boots that will go into the hand-me-down rotation when they’re done because they’re not only stylish but also really good quality.

I love how the girls’ selections really do reflect their personalities and how excited they are about wearing them. They’re perfect for a day spent at our homeschool co-op, a family movie date, or church on Sunday.

Switching over the clothes always makes the change of season feel “official,” and this one is my favorite. Fall brings with it not just pumpkin spice and crisp air, but flannels, scarves and cute boots too! (Plus earlier bedtimes. Amen and hallelujah for earlier bedtimes!)

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