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Seeing the Big Picture with NeuYear Calendars

Focus on the Forest Not the Trees
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When it comes to home or work tasks, I tend to get easily overwhelmed by the big picture of my never-ending to-do list. There is always more to be done, more I should do and more I could be doing, and sometimes it’s paralyzing.

When I start to feel that way, I remember the advice my mom gave me when we were packing to move with a colicky 8-week-old: “Just pick one thing and do it.”

That lesson has served me well in a variety of situations, and I have learned to focus on individual trees rather than being overwhelmed by the forest before me.

But as an entrepreneur (and, frankly, as a mother), it’s important to be a visionary as well, to keep the forest in sight and to make sure that the days and weeks aren’t eaten up by the mundane tasks of each day.

A Different Kind of Calendar

That’s why I love the design of the calendars from

How often do you schedule something at the beginning of an upcoming month and think of it as “far away” only to get to the end of the month and realize that deadline or activity is actually only a few days away? (Please tell me that’s not just me…)

With traditional calendars, months are separate entities, but most of us operate on a weekly schedule, which can cause a disconnect when months end mid-week.

The NeuYear calendar is actually designed on a weekly basis, though, so that you can keep track of the weeks and not just the months.

And because you can see the entire year in one view, it’s easy to mark the passage of time to keep your goals on track!

These calendars are also stylish and printed on high-quality paper, and since studies show that people are more likely to stick with well-designed productivity tools (we can all use a little extra beauty in our days!), that means it’s designed for success. As a bonus, each calendar is printed on both sides so you can choose between a vertical and horizontal calendar!

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