Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex TV: A New Way to Watch TV

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We’ve been contemplating dumping a cable for the past few years. After all, the only time it really gets any use is when we watch Weeds or Entourage. Once the seasons are over, we’re left with a bunch of movies and TV shows we have no interest in watching.

Since it didn’t make sense to pay for something we weren’t using, we subscribed to Netflix and started to depend on those movies instead, except we kept forgetting to return the movies, and we’d end up stuck with nothing to watch on the weekends.

Because we still hadn’t found a solution that worked for us, I was happy to review the Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex TV, a new way to watch TV. GoFlex TV connects to the internet via WiFi or your modem so you can watch movies stored on your hard drive or from online services such as Netflix

But it’s more than just movie storage. You can also view your Flickr stream, add music, photos and home movies, all with a just a few clicks. The set up was easy; simple plug and play. I do have to admit we had a few issues in the beginning but after a call with technical support we realized that we didn’t have the latest version of the software. You can even connect to Picasa and YouTube.

GoFlex TV is available for both Mac and PC.

What is GoFlex TV?

GoFlex TV HD media player offers the easiest way to play your movies, photos and music on your TV. Insert a GoFlex ultra-portable drive or attach any other USB storage device to enjoy your digital media in full 1080p video and surround sound audio. By connecting the GoFlex TV HD media player to your router, you can access shared media within your home network and Internet content such as Netflix and YouTube on your TV. With its compact size, additional USB ports, ethernet connectivity, and extensive media format support, you can play just about everything from the comfort of your living room. Read more at

The FreeAgent GoFlex TV is available at

Have you given up cable in favor of other digital solutions?

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