Seven Tech Tips for a Safe Halloween

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With only a couple weeks left until Halloween, it’s time to start thinking about what candy to buy and what our trick-or-treaters will be wearing. But aside from candy and costume shopping, it’s also important for parents to find ways to keep their trick-or-treaters safe while they hunt for their favorite treats.

I have it easy since my kids are too small to prowl the streets without parent supervision. But what do you do when your kids don’t want you to tag along?

Halloween is supposed to be a fun light-hearted celebration filled with candy and fun-spirited pranks. But with over 41 million trick-or-treaters roaming the streets nationwide, it is important to have fun and stay safe.

AT&T helped me compile a list of important safety tips for families to keep in mind before children hit the streets in search of goodies.

1. Make sure wireless phones are fully charged.

2. Pre-program contact information of parents, neighbors and emergency services into you and your child’s speed dial, and be sure everyone knows how to access these numbers with ease.

3. Establish boundaries. Families should have in place a familiarized route for children to follow while out on the town. Mobile navigation tools can assist parents and kids in creating routes throughout the evening. AT&T’s FamilyMap View allows parents to easily and immediately locate a family member’s whereabouts via their mobile phone or PC so they can keep close watch. If you aren’t an AT&T customer, check what tools your service provider has for monitoring. You can also slip a small tracking device like (Garmin GTU 10) into your child’s candy bag and track them with your PC or mobile phone.

4. Set up periodic alarms with Halloween-themed tones as a reminder for trick-or-treaters to text or call home between candy collecting stops.

5. Be sure to give your trick-or-treater a flashlight to have on hand. And if you can’t find one, download a Flashlight App for their phone.

6. You can also keep track of your kids with the TrickorTracker app for Android, or if you are looking for a free solution, try Google Latitude.

7. Don’t forget to capture the moment. Most phones come with photo, video and audio recorders, allowing you to capture the scary and fun moments to share with family and friends.

Have a safe, fun and happy Halloween!

What things are doing to keep your children safe this Halloween?

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