Welcome to the Life Your Way Christmas Shop!

Christmas is kind of a big deal around here. Our family loves Christmas with a passion. We love it so much, in fact, that we decorate every year on Halloween (weird, I know!) so that we can enjoy our decorations throughout the entire holiday season. We also love the opportunities to give and serve, baking for friends and family, and discovering new handmade gift ideas.

Three years ago, my mom and I decided to do 101 Days of Christmas, with recipes, crafts, printables and more. That series became a tradition, and this year we’re on our fourth annual 101 Days of Christmas!

This year, I’m excited to share some of my favorite things with you here in the Christmas shop. Grab one of the 101 Days of Christmas ebooks with the best projects from the archives, a Christmas planner to help you get organized this holiday season, or a Christmas ebook from one of my favorite authors!


    • 2014 Christmas Planner
      2014 Christmas Planner $4
    • Christmas Printables
      Christmas Printables $4

Life Your Way ebooks:

    • 101 Days of Christmas

      101 Days of Christmas $3.99
    • 101 {More} Days of Christmas

      101 {More} Days of Christmas $3.99

From other authors:

    • 100 Days to Christmas

      100 Days to Christmas $3.99
    • Festive Traditions

      Festive Traditions $2.99
    • More Than Candy

      More Than Candy $4.99
    • Pioneering Today

      Pioneering Today: A Homemade Christmas $2.99
    • Truth in the Tinsel

      Truth in the Tinsel $7.99