Festive Traditions

In this cookbook, you will find 31 real-food recipes that are perfect for all of your holiday activities. From Christmas morning brunch and caroling with the kids to your intimate New Years Eve dinner, this book has a recipe for every occasion!

Jill’s inspiration for writing this book were the memories of the holiday season from her own childhood as well as holiday traditions that she wanted to incorporate into her family’s celebrations now: warm drinks around the Christmas tree after playing in the snow, the sweet tartness of cranberries in cookies and sauces, the smell of a roasted turkey in the oven.

Whether you’re cooking for a family of three or needing to prepare enough food for a small army, these dishes will satisfy even the pickiest of palates.

Bonus: When you’re facing the additional challenge of providing food for friends or family with allergies, the recipes in this book offer many allergen-free options, with icons clearly depicting the allergens in each one so you can quickly and easily identify recipes that work for you and your guests!

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“Festive Traditions: A Real Food Guide for the Holidays will not sit on your shelf and collect dust.  It contains recipes that you will reference again and again for every meal of the day.  Delicious, nutritious REAL FOOD RECIPES, with easy to find ingredients that will be sure to WOW during the holidays and provide comfort food the whole year round!” 

~Lindsey Stomberg, Road to 31

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“The stress of the holiday season is enough without having to worry about what food your family will be consuming. Jill has put together a wonderful resource for anyone who wants to live a real food lifestyle without missing out on holiday favorites. From the main course to your favorite drinks – I know exactly where I will be pulling the menu from for our family gatherings this year!”

~Beth Grice, Modern Alternative Health

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“When I was first venturing into the world of real food, I often felt overwhelmed at re-creating some of my favorite dishes.  This ebook takes away that stress, which is especially welcome during the holiday season!  I know you’ll want to incorporate these dishes into your real food holiday menu plan.  Traditional favorites combined with real food ingredients and methods?  Yes, please!”

~Mindy Hurd, Too Many Jars in My Kitchen

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Festive Traditions: A Real Food Guide for the Holidays is a well thought out book filled with recipes made with only the highest quality real food ingredients that will leave your body feeling nourished rather than run down during the holidays. What a great way to introduce friends and family to real food and share with them just how delicious real food is! Lots of the recipes have been adapted to be more allergy friendly and are marked as dairy-free, gluten-free and/or nut-free.”

~Katie Watts, This Chick Cooks