More Than Candy

If you’re looking for more than a candy countdown this Christmas, Sarah Mae’s More Than Candy: A 25-Day Christmas Countdown that Counts is for you!

This ebook walks you through 25 days of things to do with your family that matter to your neighbors, your local community, your family, and those in need.

Sarah Mae began creating Christmas countdowns years ago based on the advent calendars her church would hand out each year. These advent calendars didn’t offer a piece of chocolate behind each door but scriptures and actionable steps to take to make a difference in the community and in each person’s heart. Despite moving away from that church, she continued the practice in her own family.

More Than Candy is a Christmas countdown — not an advent devotional — that offers an opportunity to serve for each day in December.

This year, don’t just let the days go by in a flurry, missing an opportunity to serve. Make the days count!

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More Than Candy is a resource for a family journey of service during Advent. With 25 days of ideas and “serves” for everyone to join, it will keep your family focused on Who the season is really about.

There are scriptures woven throughout and Sarah Mae recommends reading the Christmas story every day together. From baking goodies for neighbors to feeding a family across the globe, the suggestions are real, doable, and are meant to truly bring out the servant heart in each of us as we give of ourselves, the only gift the Christ child ever asked of us.

If you are looking to begin a family tradition of service and love, or perhaps to reclaim Christmas for your family, this is an excellent book filled with wonderful ideas, suggestions and links to many great resources. Sarah Mae has blessed us with a sweet look into her family’s tradition and offered to let us make that tradition our own.

~L. Molettiere

. . . . . . . . .

I needed this! I have a great deal going on in my life. I am a mother is five, I homeschool, I provide care for my grandma, who lives with me on hospice care. I honestly thought I might lose the holiday spirit this because I’m feeling slightly over-whelmed. This countdown helped to refocus my attitude and has excited me to pursue memory making during this challenging time of year. I love the insight and ease of this countdown! Thank you, Sarah Mae, I appreciate you call.


. . . . . . . . .

Such a wonderful way to celebrate Christmas and its true meaning. I have always wanted to spend December really teaching my kids about the true spirit of the holiday season and I think More Than Candy is the perfect way to do is! It’s a great reminder for me, too.


. . . . . . . . .

A wonderful alternative to traditional candy-based Advent calendars! We have a wooden advent cabinet very similar to the one on the cover. I plan to cut strips of the daily lessons to place in the cubbies and do the activities as a family with my four kids. I love the encouraging service activities and the extra resources Sarah Mae lists to help families get close to Christ and each other. This study will help prepare our hearts without the unnecessary and unhealthy candy treats that are meaningless. All are simple enough for even the littlest to participate. This will help me train my children to be servant leaders!


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