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Easy Homemade first launched in August 2012 and has sold more than 15,000 copies, but now it’s even better. With more than 30 new recipes and tips, this ebook features 80+ homemade kitchen staples as well as kitchen tips, information about choosing various ingredients and more. As a self-proclaimed kitchen dunce, I’m far from an accomplished chef, but I’ve found that making things from scratch — even the things we typically buy without even considering that we could make them at home — is actually pretty easy. I’m passionate about empowering other busy families to do the same with tried-and-true recipes that can be made with basic ingredients and don’t require a lot of time.

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My goal when designing Easy Homemade was to make it a beautiful book with full-color photos to go with many of the recipes. (That means it’s not very practical for printing, but with your purchase, you also received a PDF file of printable recipe cards so that you can keep those at your fingertips even after you’ve read through the ebook.) Browse or download a free sample of the ebook below to see the table of contents and get a feel for how it’s laid out and the type of recipes and tips that are included:

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For those times when you wonder, “How can I make that myself?” you’ll no longer need to Google search for 15 minutes. Mandi has covered everything, so the hardest part of “make from scratch” will now be remembering where you saved the eBook on your computer! Her family’s journey to the homemade life is authentic and genuinely delicious. ~Katie from Kitchen Stewardship

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Easy. Homemade. is a breath of fresh air!

Mandi has filled these pages with incredibly useful recipes and tips, skipping the frills and leaving us with simple ideas and inspiring photos. I’m going to print this and keep it at arm’s reach in my kitchen! ~Tsh from Simple Mom

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I love Mandi’s latest ebook, Easy Homemade!

It’s full of easy recipes to make healthy homemade pantry staples. From sauces and spice mixes to butter and ketchup, this ebook has it all. It just never occurred to me to make many of these staples on my own because I thought it would involve too much work. This recipe book takes the mystery out of it, all with simple basic ingredients and easy-to-follow instructions. I also love that each recipe includes a picture. Thanks Mandi! ~Laura from I’m an Organizing Junkie

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Mandi takes the intimidation out of making homemade food.

With Easy Homemade, even the most novice cook can make homemade, nutritious food for her family. I highly recommend this book to new and expert cooks alike. ~Shannon from For the Mommas

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