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I. Why Ebooks?

  • Writing eBooks for Profit
  • eBooks to Upsell Products & Services
  • Comparing eBooks to Traditional Publishing
  • Obstacles to Publishing an eBook
  • Other Digital Products

II. Choosing a Topic

  • Writing from Your Expertise & Passion
  • Methods for Brainstorming
  • Evaluating the Market for Your Topic
  • Creating your Unique Selling Proposition
  • Coming Up with a Title & Subtitle

III. Exceeding Expectations

  • Go Beyond “Good Enough”
  • How to Exceed Expectations
  • Avoid Perfection Paralysis

IV. Outlining, Writing & Editing

  • Pre-Planning Your eBook
  • Your Writing Process
  • Finding Time to Write
  • The Importance of Editing
  • A Few More Tips Before You Get Started

V. Design — Inside & Out

  • Why Design Matters
  • Elements of Good Cover Design
  • Elements of Good Interior Design
  • Paying Attention to Copyright Laws
  • A Few More Tips

VI. Formats & Platforms

  • Deciding Where to Sell Your eBook
  • Selling eBooks Directly from Your Site
  • Converting Files to ePUB, Mobi & iBook
  • Piracy & Copyright Issues

VII. Sales Page & Pricing

  • Elements of an Effective Sales Page
  • Creating an Effective Listing on Amazon and Other Marketplaces
  • Pricing Your eBook

VIII. Launch & Promotion

  • Planning for Your Launch
  • The Power of Reviews & Testimonials
  • Other Things to Think About

IX. Working with Affiliates

  • Pros & Cons of Creating an Affiliate Program
  • Choosing a Platform for Your Affiliate Program
  • Working with Affiliates After Your Launch

X. Ongoing Sales

  • Planning Beyond Your Launch
  • Running Regular Promotions
  • Publishing Additional eBooks
  • Create a Book Club {But Think Outside of the Box}
  • When & How to Update Your eBook
  • The Pros & Cons of Participating in Bundles
  • Don’t Forget to Think About Your Taxes
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