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I’ve been a fan of Rachel Meeks since the first time I stumbled upon her blog, Small Notebook. Simple living might be trendy these days, but Rachel doesn’t just write about it because it’s cool. She really lives a simple life, and she writes about it authentically, offering more than 12,000 subscribers a glimpse into her life each week.

So when Rachel invited me to submit a bonus tip to her latest project, a blogging ebook for the everyday blogger who is trying to build a blog without sacrificing their family along the way, I was excited to contribute even a tiny bit.

I read through Simple Blogging in its entirety the moment I received it, and it’s full of practical and sage advice to help bloggers balance the demands of an everchanging business with their passion for their families.

In the first chapter, Rachel says this:

“People are decluttering their homes,
evaluating their priorities,
and spending their time in purposeful ways.
The move to simplify has reached every corner of our lives
except for one….
the way we spend time online.”

If you’re anything like me, those two sentences are profoundly convincting, but fortunately Rachel doesn’t leave us hanging there! In the pages that follow, she shares real-life examples and insights to help you find the balance you’re seeking while still working towards your goals for your blog.

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