Simple Summer Maternity Style

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Simple Summer Maternity Style at

Let’s be clear: a fashionista, I am not.

Most of my clothes are hand-me-downs from my mom and sister (both of whom are very fashionable), and I’m perfectly okay with just having a few outfits that I really love and feel good in. And truthfully, most days at home during the summer find me in a pair of cotton gauchos (like these) and a tank top.

My goal with this pregnancy has been to buy as little as possible (after giving away a pretty complete maternity wardrobe) and still feel good, and I think I’m doing pretty well so far, so I thought I’d give you a peek into my closet and some of my favorite outfits.

Here are my wardrobe stables with a sampling of what I wore “out” this week:

Fold-Down Waistbands

Simple Summer Maternity Style at

(Um, wow, I look annoyed in that first picture. We were trying to get on the road to my doctor’s appointment this week, and apparently I’m no good at the fake smile!)

This skirt is actually a maternity skirt, but only because I had been looking for one in this pattern and this was the only one I found (via Old Navy Maternity). That said, I have a feeling it will continue to be a staple even after Jackson is born because it really just has an elastic fold-down waistband rather than a specific maternity cut.

In addition, I bought these non-maternity linen pants from Old Navy with the exact same style waistband, and those pants have proven to be among my favorites as well because they’re just so comfy.

I’ve only recently had to start retiring some of my non-maternity shirts, but both the skirt and pants are very versatile with a variety of tanks and tops so that I can dress them up or down depending on the occasion.

Maxi Dresses

Simple Summer Maternity Style at

I love maxi dresses during the summer, and I love that they’re so easily adaptable during pregnancy. Other than one dress that is simply too tight in my, ahem, chest area, all of the dresses in my closet still fit beautifully, and I really feel good in these dresses — not just from a fashion perspective, but also because they’re cool and breezy, the perfect outfit for humid, 80-90 degree days.

This particular dress (a hand-me-down from my mom) was especially long to start, which means it’s still very, very long despite my growing bump! I’m hoping to find a long-sleeved cardigan so that I can continue wearing this one right up until the end of this pregnancy in the fall!

In addition to maxi dresses, I also have a few short cotton dresses that I wear a lot. I’ve found that as long as they were to my knees to start, they haven’t gotten too short yet. I will admit that my favorite short dress for the past month or so is actually a maternity dress, which I like because it’s a little more fitted rather than just hanging over my belly.

Shorts and a T-Shirt

Simple Summer Maternity Style at

I’m not a huge fan of shorts normally, but I did end up buying a couple pairs of maternity shorts for this hot, hot summer. One pair has a full maternity panel — which I’m pretty sure was invented by someone who has never been pregnant during the summer because it’s so very hot on my belly — while the other just has an elastic waistband that actually sits on my hips below my bump. Those will probably still be in my closet next summer because they’re comfy and cute!

Again, I just pair these with a variety of t-shirts, tanks and other tops for various events — despite the abundance of ugly spider veins on my legs — for a cool and comfy summer outfit.

How do you stay cool while pregnant in the summer?