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Simple Sunday dinner with Campbell’s Chunky soup

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Campbell’s Soup Company for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’ve started boycotting dinner preparations on Sunday nights.

We have a full morning out—wake up early, rush to get everyone ready for church, grab lunch and run errands, and then rush back home to watch football.

I usually try to get a head start on either my work for the week or any house/school projects in the afternoon, and by dinnertime, I’m just D-O-N-E.

That’s where Campbell’s ChunkyTMsoup comes in.

Although almost everyone in our house can cook, sometimes we just want something simple that doesn’t require a lot of time or dishes

Campbell’s is always releasing new and innovative flavors, like this BBQ Seasoned Pork, Wicked Thai Style Chicken, or Beef Burrito-flavored soup. Like all of their Chunky soups, each one is loaded with big pieces of meat & vegetables in flavors guys (and girls!) love!

And you can stretch a can of soup by serving it over rice or pairing it with one of these other sides:

  • over egg noodles
  • over baked potatoes
  • over mashed potatoes
  • over brown or jasmine rice
  • in a bread bowl
  • with crackers
  • with tortilla chips
  • with baguette slices

It’s the perfect way to end a football Sunday and satisfy even the hungriest among us!

Find more delicious Campbell’s recipes from the Campbell’s kitchen, and be sure to follow @CampbellsChunky for special offers and promotions.

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