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Simplifying for Fall: Routines and Schedules {Day 6}

Simplify for Fall Challenge with @lifeyourway #simplifyingforfall

Today’s Day 6 of the Simplify for Fall Challenge, and we’re tackling routines and schedules for the fall!

By the way, I completely left the family/living room and entryway off my schedule, so we’ll be hitting those areas on Monday!

Fall typically represents a slower schedule for our family — compared to the busyness of summer — but this year it doesn’t look like things will slow down until November. However, I’ve been scaling back some of my work commitments again to make more time for homeschooling, and I’m anxious to get a new daily schedule in place and start thinking through some new routines.

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In addition, we’re going to put a new cleaning schedule in place (right now our approach is “clean it when it needs it”) to better stay on top of chores and to assign some new chores to the girls.

I had the genius idea to get a large calendar that actually slides behind our glass board in the laundry room to keep it accessible and easy to check without making it easy for the girls to scribble on. We keep our appointments on an online calendar, but for chores and things like that, I think a physical calendar will work best!

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This is one area that doesn’t require making a mess efore I can make progress, so I’m especially excited!

Sean and I are planning to sit down and work through this together a little later this morning, so I’ll update you after we do that.


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Schedule / Calendar

This is one of those tasks that I feel a little silly for putting off when it really only just took a little time to knock out. We picked a day for each of the chores that we feel like we need to actually schedule — bathrooms, dusting & mirrors and changing the sheets — added them to the calendar, made some notes about our other scheduled activities, and we’re done.

The other chores that we do daily — laundry, dishes, floors, etc. — don’t really need to be put on the calendar, and we have fairly good routines for those already in place.

The girls will continue with their chores — putting laundry away,  feeding the cat, straightening the coat closet and cleaning up their toys/room.

Homeschool Routine

I also needed to sit down and make a list of what we want to accomplish each day in school, which took all of 10 minutes. But I’m glad to have the list made and ready to refer to each day!

What’s your biggest routines and schedules challenge?