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Simplifying for Fall: Toys and School Supplies {Day 3}

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Today’s Day 3 of the Simplify for Fall Challenge, and we’re tackling toys and school supplies!

Today is a fairly light day for me, so I’ll mostly be playing catch up on the things I didn’t finish yesterday and Monday. It’s not because our toys are never an issue but because I couldn’t handle the chaos any longer, so I already went through all of our toys a couple of weeks ago! (For all of my toy organizing tips, see Organizing and Decluttering Children’s Toys: The Ultimate Guide.)

Simplifying for Fall: Toys and School Supplies

I do still have a box of confiscated toys that need to be sorted and put away. I started throwing things in this box while cleaning up the girls’ disaster-of-a-room a month or so ago, and although no one has really missed them, I know there are probably some toys that go to the various games and toy sets we have, so I don’t want to just drop the whole box off at Salvation Army without going through them first. (Well, I do want to do that, but I don’t think it’s the right approach!)

We keep most of our toy sets and games in this Ikea wardrobe. The toys are on the left side and school/office supplies and curriculum are on the right. Bigger toys such as their doll house, train table and building blocks are kept in their room.

Because we do school all summer and I recently reorganized our homeschool boxes as well, I actually don’t have a lot of school supply organizing to do either. I do, however, need to sit down and sharped a bunch of plain pencils to be designated as school pencils (because I’m tired of pencils disappearing!) so that we don’t have to worry about sharpening them in the middle of school.

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I also want to organize our Classical Conversations memory work tools and print out the pages for the lapbooks we’ll be doing this year.

Finally, I want to take some time to sketch out a rough schedule of what I want to accomplish on a daily and weekly basis so that I can measure our progress against that.

I will also be finishing the girls’ clothes today, since I didn’t finish that on Monday, and I may try to work on the fridge if there’s time for that as well!


I’ll be posting updates here throughout the day. You can also see them in real time by following me on Instagram (@mandiehman) or Pinterest (@lifeyourway). If you’re sharing pictures on either of those, be sure to tag your updates with #simplifyingforfall so we can all see them. Or if you’re blogging your progress, leave the link to your post in the comments!

Because it’s a project I’ve been anxious to work on for most of this crazy-busy summer, I decided to start the day by working on our school stuff.

source: mandiehman on Instagram

I printed out the pages for the two lapbooks we’ll be doing this year (Classical Conversations by Wisdom & Righteousness and Story of the World by The Chronicle of the Earth) and organized our memory work binder.

source: mandiehman on Instagram

I also sharpened pencils, printed out these cute first day of school interviews and signs for our first day of school and got everything ready to go in our boxes.

Feeling pretty good about the start of school next week! Here are a few more resources you may be interested in as you get ready for your first day (or even if you’ve already started!):

And now to work on these toys!

Although most of the toys had already been sorted recently, I’m trying to go beyond my method and reconsider everything, not just the things that seem cluttered. I’ve been surprised by how many things have flown under my radar for the past few years, and the toy cabinet was no exception. I pulled out a few more things to clear some shelves that were getting crowded, and the girls rediscovered a game that had been hiding at the back of the cabinet.

Simplifying for Fall: Toys and School Supplies

My biggest goal was to get the box of confiscated toys sorted, and I did. This empty box makes me so happy because those toys have been mocking me for a month!

Simplifying for Fall: Toys and School Supplies
source: mandiehman on Instagram

I also finished sorting the clothes today (see Day 1), and I’m glad to have that checked off my list. (The drawer in the bottom right corner wasn’t done when I took this picture, but it is now!)

After dinner, I’m planning to finish the refrigerator/freezer, and then I’m going to curl up and watch TV with my hubby to save energy for tomorrow, since I hope to deep clean all three bedrooms and bathrooms!

What’s your biggest toy or school supply challenge?