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101 Days of Christmas: Sleep by the Christmas Tree

Sleep by the Christmas Tree

Every Christmas Eve, my friend Chrissy lets her kids sleep by the Christmas tree. When I asked her how she does presents from Santa and stocking, she said she simply waits until they’re asleep and then hides the presents from Santa under the tree so the kids wake up to them in the morning, a tradition I love!

I love that idea in theory, but our main area is all hustle and bustle after the girls go to bed on Christmas Eve — assembling their “big” shared gift, preparing breakfast casseroles, laughing and chatting with my parents and my sister (and this year my grandmother too!). I can’t imagine trying to get them to sleep in the midst of that chaos.

Since Christmas Eve isn’t realistic for us, we decided to sleep by the tree as part of our 12 Days of Christmas. First, we stayed up late watching Polar Express, and then the girls all snuggled down in their beds, with Christmas music playing in the background, to go to sleep.

I think this will definitely be a new tradition for us!

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