Snagit: The Secret to Getting the Gifts You Really Want

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I remember when I was a teenager I asked for black tennis shoes for Christmas, among other things. And while I did receive black tennis shoes – they were NOT the black tennis shoes I wanted. My then boyfriend teased the heck out of me. His only comment, “yep they’re black.”

Asking for the Right Gifts

So I learned something that year – you need to be very specific on your gift list to get what you really want. For example don’t say you want a Tablet PC – say I want Apple iPad 32GB with WiFi

But sometimes THAT doesn’t even work.

Just this year I bought my daughter this Baby Alive doll and ended up buying the wrong one! Luckily I convinced her that having a doll that really poops isn’t all that cool.

Finding the Right Gifts

It’s certainly not easy to finds the exact gift your child or spouse asks for, but with a quick “snag” you can make sure they are ALL happy with their gifts this year.

Snagit is an easy-to-use technology tool that enables you to take a screenshot of that perfect gift and send it off to your loved ones. You can even add your own instructions or special notes about the product which will make gift buying a breeze.

Do your kids have a wish list longer than the 405? Have you ever tried explaining what Transformer your son wants on the phone to his grandmother?

Well now you don’t have to.

Go online, select the exact Transformer, “snag-it” and email it to grandma. Then watch how excited your child is when they open up their gift.

How to Use Snagit

1. Activate the program and grab any image from your computer screen. You can even scroll an entire page — which is great if you want to send the product details to your gift-giver.

2. Add text, draw arrows, and a variety of other affects.

3. Copy and paste your completed image into an email or document and ship it off to your spouse, grand parent, or other gift givers.

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How do you usually hint what you want for special occasions?

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