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101 Days of Christmas: Snowy Windows


Although these “snowy windows” aren’t the most toddler-friendly project, for families with older kids or kid-free households, they are a simple, inexpensive way to add to your holiday decor, and you could leave them up all winter if you wanted!

This is an easy project to tackle while watching TV or a movie or while sitting outside to enjoy a cool fall afternoon. All you need is some floss and sticky dots!



  • dental floss
  • sticky dots (like these)
    **for a fun variation, use dots of different sizes rather than all one size!


Cut your floss one piece at a time to fit the length of your window or door. They do not need to be exact or all the same length, so no need to carefully measure or stress over this step.

Sandwich the floss between two dots to create your first snowflake. Continue adding snowflakes along the length of the floss at random intervals.

Note: You don’t want the dots to line up straight across the window or follow a pattern, so if you’re type-A like me, you may have to try really hard to let go of any ideas about alignment or pattern to truly make it random!

Repeat until you have enough strands.

Hang from the window or door frame with an extra sticky dot, spacing the strands evenly across the window/door.

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