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Some Moms are Using CBD Oil to Relieve Stress, Does it Actually Work?

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A lot of moms are making the switch to CBD as a natural method to relieve the daily physical and mental stress that comes associated with being a full-time or working mother.

It’s almost like we’re seeing a new health revolution happen – but it’s not a new method by any means. It’s just an older one that has been rediscovered and achieved more popularity as CBD has become more accessible.

But does it really work?

Here’s a closer look at whether CBD oil can successfully be used to relieve stress and pain, and just how you can use it in your daily routine to make sure you’re in better health than you’ve ever been if you happen to be a mother who needs some relief. 

Why Other Methods Fail


If you want to control pain and stress, there are a thousand different methods recommended for doing it – but more people are moving towards more natural methods to achieve the same goals just because the usual over-the-counter methods aren’t doing their job.

There are many reasons why painkillers as a method for controlling stress and pain aren’t effective.

First, your body is bound to develop a tolerance against most painkillers over time, rendering them less effective.

Painkillers can also have plenty of side effects and negative repercussions for your body with a long list of symptoms that includes the potential of stomach ulcers, internal bleeding, organ damage, and addiction – and with tolerance, the list of symptoms can happen even by the point the medication is no longer effective.

CBD isn’t as harmful, never as addictive – and can control both pain and stress a lot more effectively than methods you might be using right now.

Explaining CBD

Most people only know CBD as the non-psychoactive component of Cannabis – but there’s a lot more to it than that, and a concentration of CBD can be found in many other plants. It’s also a naturally-occurring compound in the body, and your body naturally produces trace amounts of CBD throughout your life.

CBD Oil is a more concentrated form of the compound, usually suspended in a fat or oil base; it’s great for pain and stress relief, and the compound has been studied increasingly to find out just how effective it can be in the long-term, with excellent results. 

Some types of CBD oil are meant for consumption and can be used in cooking, food, or ingested orally in addition to topical application. Other types of CBD oil are meant only for topical application to the skin. Make sure that you know which type you’re buying – usually, the instructions on the label will tell you what you can and can’t do with the oil.

Being a Mom is Hard

Being a mother is officially one of the hardest jobs that anyone can have; it’s a full-time thing, and it’s not unusual for full-time or working mothers to put their eventual holiday off for ten or twenty years – and it’s also not unusual for mothers to get to the end of another harsh day and wonder how the heck they’re going to cope tomorrow.

When you’re a mother, your body is put under a lot of stress; the same is true for your mind, which has to keep track of everything on behalf of everyone else in the family.

CBD can be a great way of taking the physical and mental stress out of your day – and it can be used at any point during the day when you feel you need it. The great thing about CBD Oil is the fact that you can’t overdose on the compound, and there are no ill effects that can make you feel tired or “zoomed-out” throughout the day. 

CBD for Physical Stress

As a mother, your body will undergo a huge amount of stress that comes with the territory – and we don’t even need to describe the average day for any mother for you to know what we’re talking about here! The physical stress by the end of the day can include severe muscle and joint pain, and it can even lead to chronic health conditions such as high blood pressure.

CBD is a great proven way to control conditions like high blood pressure, and it can help to reduce aches and pains within just a matter of minutes. Regular CBD application can also help your muscles, joints, and tendons to heal over time.

CBD for Mental Stress

mental health

CBD isn’t just great for physical stress: It’s also just as great of a compound to include in your daily health routine to help control mental stress at the same time. When you have to think about a thousand things at once, your brain tends to get just as tired as your body – you might have developed insomnia over time, or you might feel so tired halfway through the day that you feel like you might fall asleep at the wheel.

CBD is great at helping you to reduce mental stress, and continued usage of the compound has been shown to help a great deal when it comes to controlling conditions such as chronic anxiety and depression.

If you’re a mother who needs something to help take the edge off without having any of the addictive, potentially lethal properties of tranquilizers, then CBD oil can make a great addition to your health.

Using CBD

There are many different ways you can use CBD; the first is adding a simple drop or two to a health shake or to your cooking – with ingestible forms of CBD oil, even a drop or two on the tongue should be enough.

For CBD oil requiring topic application (or for specifically tired and hurting muscles), combine a few drops of CBD oil into your chosen skin cream that you regularly use and massage this directly into the area. In the same way, CBD oil can also be added to a warm bath to ensure a full-body effect and an optimal level of relief. You can also get edible CBD products.

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