Something for Everyone at Michael’s {+ a 40% Off Coupon!}

This post is brought to you by Michael’s, but all opinions are 100% mine!

michaels-couponWhat’s better than shopping at Michael’s?

If we had to pick a store that everyone in our family likes, I would say that Michael’s is at the top of the list (with Old Navy, of course!). Even though I’m not especially crafty, Sean and the girls are, and we regularly stop by Michael’s when we’re “in town” to pick up something we need for a project!

Sean’s favorite section is, of course, the model section. He gets paint, brushes, balsa wood and glue for his remote-controlled airplanes.

The girls love to explore the aisles of craft supplies. Sometimes we’ll pick out ready-to-go art kits, but most of the time we just end up buying supplies for a specific project. The aisles of beautiful yarn and felt are definitely favorites.

In the center of most stores, you’ll find the home decor stuff, including silk flowers, artificial trees, glass beads, baskets, vases, decorative balls, foam, etc. We often shop together for some vision I have and then Sean makes that vision a reality — the benefits of an artsy husband!

And at the back of the store are the frames. My grandmother has cross-stitched a birth announcement for each of our girls, which we’ve gotten framed at Michael’s as well, all in matching frames even though they were each done at different times!

Of course, the key to shopping at Michael’s on a budget is taking advantage of their 40% off one item coupons! You’ll find banner ads for these coupons several times a month here at Life Your Way that look like the one above! Click on those to print your coupons, and remember that you can use up to one per day during each promotional period!

So what’s better than shopping at Michael’s? Saving money while shopping at Michael’s!

What’s currently on your Michael’s wishlist?