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Sometimes You Just Have to Say It Out Loud

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Sometimes You Just Have to Say It Out Loud

Although¬† I wouldn’t say I struggle with depression normally, I can clearly look back and see two times when I was dealing with depression: when living in my parent’s basement for a few months (without enough natural light) and after the birth of our third daughter.

I’ve shared a little about both of those experiences, and both times my depression manifested more as anger than sadness.

So when I found myself snapping at every little thing the girls said or did, perpetually angry with Sean, and annoyed by all. the. people. over the past few weeks — on top of feeling pretty overwhelmed and teary about trying to get any work done — it didn’t take me too long before I realized that there might be a bit of depression at play again.

After thinking it over for a day or so, I finally said to my husband, “I think I might be dealing with a bit of postpartum depression.” He replied — matter-of-factly, because he knows me well — “That would be my guess too.”

And you know what? It helped.

Just acknowledging the feelings — and the biological role that my crazy hormones play in it — has made a big difference.

Please know that I’m not at all minimizing depression, and I believe it is important to seek help if you’re struggling with depression, especially if you’re contemplating suicide or thinking of hurting your baby.

But simply acknowledging it is the first step. It’s made it easier for me to step back and evaluate the feelings of anger when they start to build irrationally. It’s helped my husband to react differently to me when I’m snappy. And it’s helped me to reprioritize eating right, since I know that plays a role in my hormones as well.

Whether your struggling with mild or severe depression, saying it out loud is the first step, and there are tons of resources out there to help you work through and overcome your depression.

Don’t suffer in silence: tell your husband or a friend and call your doctor today. It’s worth it!