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Space-Saving Tips for a Small Home

Living in a small home can feel stressful at times, because it may feel like you simply don’t have enough room for everything you have. Smaller homes have increased in popularity over the years, but if you’re not accustomed to living in a small space, it’ll definitely take some adjusting and trial and error for you to learn what works best for you. When you live in a small home, you have to make the most of the space you have, so you may have to get creative to find the best solutions for your specific space. So, instead of dreading moving into a smaller home, learn to embrace it and make the most of it. 

Declutter Your Home 

Downsizing your living space also means downsizing your collection of belongings. Many times, individuals hang on to much more than what they actually use. It may be hard to part with some things, but the end result makes it incredibly worth it. In your home, there should be a spot for everything. By having too much stuff, you’re taking up more room than you should in your tiny space. You don’t necessarily have to donate everything you plan on getting rid of. You can try to sell these items to help make some extra money. Once you have a system in place for finding a spot for everything, you won’t be tempted to buy extras of anything, because you’ll know exactly where you keep these items.  And also if you need help dealing with packaging waste while slowly making the switch to a simpler lifestyle, you might want to hire a rubbish removal service in Gold Coast.

One rule, though, be sure to keep anything that holds special meaning or that you use frequently. So if you regularly use your full-size keyboard or vinyl record player because you have an incredible selection of albums, these are things you won’t want to part with. If you feel like you are depriving yourself of something, the move to a smaller home will not be a happy one.

Invest in Multi-Purpose Furniture 

If you have a small space or tiny house shell, you’re probably wondering where you’re going to put your furniture while preventing your home from being too cramped. Investing in multi-purpose furniture can allow you to have the furniture you need without taking up too much space. Since smaller homes are so popular these days, there’s an abundance of multi-purpose furniture to choose from. Such as a coffee table that doubles as a desk and a dining table. Consider looking at round dining tables that might take up less space in your room.  You can also opt for an ottoman that folds out into a bed for a guest to sleep on or an ottoman that has built-in storage. The possibilities are endless. 

Add Shelving and Maximize Counter Space 

Kitchen Shelves
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With small homes, you really need to make the most of the space you have. This means utilizing every area to your advantage. If you have items taking up your counter space, try hanging some shelving behind your counters. Or maybe under your cabinets to free up your counter for your most-used items. You can also put up shelves in each room for your belongings, to ensure there’s a place for everything. Your shelves should not become a catch-all for miscellaneous items, though, because this will make your space feel cluttered. 

Utilize Lighting to Your Advantage 

Lighting is one of the most important things to consider when decorating your small place. The proper lighting in each room can help make the space seem larger and more inviting. Especially when it’s paired with natural lighting. There are many types of lighting you can choose from, including ceiling lights, architectural lights, and track lights. It can really help to use more than one source of lighting in each room. 

Living in a smaller home may seem daunting, especially if you’re not living alone. The best way to manage a smaller living area is to learn discipline. It all comes down to assessing your wants and needs, which can, in turn, also help you save money. When you feel like buying things you don’t need, ask yourself if you really have a good place for this item to go and if you really actually need it or not.