Spring Cleaning Carnival: Get the Antibacterials Out

Contains Triclosan
source: Jack Blacks Stunt Double

Long before I even knew what crunchy meant, I ready about the dangers of antibacterial soap and how they were contributing to the rise of superbugs (antibiotic-resistant bacteria). Although I didn’t quite understand the why behind the danger of triclosan and its derivatives, the information I had read was enough to convince me to stop purchasing antibacterial soaps.

We still use alcohol cleaner on occasion, but we try to avoid all antibacterial soaps, especially now that we’re on well water and the chemicals we use seep back into our land and, eventually, our water supply. Research has shown time and time again that washing well with regular soap and water is as effective (or even more effective!) than using antibacterial soaps. Unfortunately, these days you have to make a conscious decision to find the regular stuff because antibacterial soaps have become so prevalent.

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Were you aware of the dangers of antibacterial soap? Are they something you use in your own home?

Mandi Ehman at Organizing Your Way