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Spring Cleaning Shortcuts for Busy Moms

The following post is from Christine of i Dream of Clean:


The life of a mom is busy. Kids. Work. Family. You have a full schedule!

If you don’t have time this spring for a full fledged cleaning session, don’t worry! A mini spring cleaning session may be more your speed this year. Here are a few ways to get the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to cleaning your home.

Follow these 4 steps to get the greatest spring cleaning impact in the least amount of time:

Focus on floors and flat surfaces.

If something in your home is out of place, it’s probably on the floor or sitting on a flat surface like your desk or counter top. If you want to put everything back in its place quickly, start in one room, pick everything up off the floor and put it in the correct spot.

Then clean every flat surface in the room by taking misplaced items to the appropriate location. Anything that is left on the surface can be straightened to give the look of a clean and tidy area.

Move to the next room and repeat.

Streamline your belongings.

Less clutter means there is less to clean. Get a box and walk around your house looking for things that you no longer need or want. Focus on the areas you spend the most time like the kitchen and living room. Then keep removing unnecessary items until the box is full. If you’re extra motivated, repeat the process! Then put the box(es) in the car to take to the nearest donation center on your next outing.

Just having a little less “weight” in your life will help during this busy season.

Organize your closet.

You may be the exception, but it seems like most women have more clothes than closet space. If that describes you, don’t worry about scheduling a few hours to make improvements. Instead organize your closet daily by keeping a giveaway box in the bottom of your closet. When you’re getting dressed in the morning and you put on clothing that doesn’t fit or make you feel great, put it in the giveaway box immediately.

If you realize that you need a specific item to “make the outfit,” keep a shopping list taped to the closet wall so you can note it as soon as you think about it.

Dust, wipe and vacuum.

Once everything is picked up off the floor, your surfaces are clear, and you’ve eliminated some of the clutter in your home, you can spend a few minutes deep cleaning. Grab the following supplies:

  • microfiber cloth to dust,
  • glass cleaner (vinegar in a spray bottle works great),
  • cleaning cloth, and a vacuum.

Focus on one room at a time and do the following before moving to the next room:

  • Work from the highest place in the room to the lowest and use the microfiber cloth to dust flat surfaces.
  • Clean all mirrors and glass with the glass cleaner and cleaning cloth.
  • Vacuum your way out the door.

Repeat the process until you’ve cleaned every room in your home. Then sit for a minute to soak in the accomplishment of your mini spring cleaning session!

There are a million and one other places to clean when spring cleaning. But if you’re in a busy season of life, a mini cleaning session may be just what you need. The goal isn’t to have a perfect home. It’s just to leave your home in a little better condition than it was before.

A small amount of organizing and cleaning can go a long way!

Now, it’s time to get your spring cleaning started.  Which of these 4 areas will you start with first?

Christine blogs at i Dream of Clean where she shares organizing and cleaning tips for busy moms. She’s hosting a Spring Cleaning Challenge until April 5, 2012 and would love to invite you you to participate!