Spring Cleaning Week: The Importance of Organizing Your Way

Spring Cleaning and Organizing
source: dansays

My monthly column is up at The Art of Simple, and it’s all about finding an organizational system that works for you:

This week, Tsh has been focusing on her three-step plan for spring cleaning: decluttering, cleaning, and organizing.

As you go through the process that she outlines in her ebook, Spring Cleaning for Normal People, you should be emptying each shelf, cabinet or closet, decluttering its contents, cleaning all the nooks and crannies and then organizing the items as you put them back.

For some people, decluttering is the part of the process that stops them in their tracks. Because of their emotional attachment to the stuff they’re holding onto, they’re unable to make tough decisions about letting go of those things.

For others, decluttering and organizing are the fun parts of the process, but cleaning is the one that drags them down. They want their homes to be neat and organized, but scrubbing the baseboards just doesn’t excite them.

And still others find that decluttering is easy and cleaning is no big deal, but when it’s time to organize, they’re just not sure where to start. They aren’t sure which way is the right way to organize their kitchen drawers or how Martha Stewart would say to organize their linen closet or how the toys should be organized.

Today, I want to tell you a little secret…

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