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Staying Healthy Without Living in a Bubble

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I know it sounds silly, but as we prepared for our fourth daughter to arrive, we thought a lot about the extra work of having four little ones five and under, but it wasn’t until we got the swine flu when she was just six weeks old that I even thought about how much harder it is to deal with illness in a larger family.

When we get sick, one of two things happens:

1. The kids get sick one at a time, dragging the illness out over several weeks, and we don’t get much sleep.

2. Everybody gets sick at one time, and we’re all miserable.

I actually prefer scenario #2 because if we’re gonna be sick, I’d just rather get it over with than drag it out. So, yeah, I’m one of those moms that makes my kids share cups rather than sequestering them when they’re sick.

We’ve tried a dozen different methods for fighting germs, none of which have really been all of that successful, so my goal for Winter 2011 is to boost our immunity so that we can take the germs on rather than hiding from them.

Here is how we’re boosting our immunity this winter:

Vitamin C

It seems simplistic, but as I become more aware of the health benefits of seasonal produce, it seems like simple may be the thing that’s missing. Our fridge is stocked with clementines and we eat a few every day for a natural burst of Vitamin C.

Elderberry Syrup

Myra from My Blessed Life recently posted this recipe for elderberry syrup, and it’s something I keep coming across as an essential part of a natural medicine cabinet to be taken daily as a preventative measure. The best thing about it? It tastes good, so children take it without a fight. Making elderberry syrup is on my must-do list for this weekend!


Zinc is a mineral that supports a healthy immune system, and while there are some natural ways to get it, we’ve been enjoying the Vitamin C with Zinc Super Chews that Genesis Today sent us as a way to get zinc into our regular diet.

Beta Carotene

In another example of the benefits of seasonal produce, carrots, sweet potatoes and winter squash all contain high levels of beta carotene, which is turned into Vitamin A in your body and helps heal your mucous membranes.


As mothers, our first response when our kids feel bad or start to develop a fever is often to give them tylenol or motrin to bring the fever down. We usually hold off on fever reducers when cuddling and resting are enough to keep the girls comfortable because a fever is actually very effective at fighting viruses. We do watch them closely and give them medicine if the fever starts to climb too high for our comfort level or if they’re unable to sleep or eat because of it, though.

Like most things natural, I am slowly learning more and making changes to our family’s approach to illness.

For more natural immunity boosters, watch this video from Dr. Lindsey Duncan from Genesis Today:

Omega Orange Juice, Vitamin C with Zinc Super Chews and other Genesis Today products can be found at Walmart and other retailers! Click here to find a store near you.

How do you boost your family’s immunity and fight illness?

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I’m part of the Genesis Today VIP Superfood Ambassadors, and while I was mainly interested in learning and sharing more about the health benefits of superfoods when I accepted their offer to join, I’m really thankful for all the information they’ve provided in this area too because it can be overwhelming to try to sort through on your own. I received a cold & flu care package from Genesis Today, but all opinions in this post are 100% mine.