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Steps That Will Help You Write an Essay in 24 Hours

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Let’s face it: essay writing is not easy. Thinking of a topic alone is already time-consuming for some people. It can even be more challenging if you have to do multiple essays in a short time. At one point, you have asked this question: “Can someone write my essay for me?” Whether you are a good writer or not, you have to believe that you can do it. To help you write an essay fast, below are some essay writing tips that you can follow.

Eliminate All Possible Distractions

Procrastination can be your biggest opponent. Because of this, you feel like putting off our task at a later time. Although several underlying issues cause procrastination, you are the only one who can stop it.

With procrastination out of the way, try to eliminate all the other possible distractions. Once you have decided to start writing your essay, keep your phone away from you. Whether you like it or not, you will always feel tempted to check your phone for updates. It would also be best to keep it in a silent mode so as not to hear the notification sound. Moreover, you should set your working environment. Try to go to a quiet place to avoid noise and unnecessary conversations. If possible, stay away from your bed. This way, you won’t choose to lie down and then fall asleep. Lastly, close all tabs of apps or sites that can distract you while writing. Keep the ones that you will need.

You may still have other forms of distraction in mind. However, you should also not waste time eliminating other distractions. Or else, you may never even start. Before you know it, you already missed your deadline.

Understand the Assignment

Since there are several types of essays, it can be confusing how they are different from one another. You may be hesitant to ask your teacher for more details about your task. But, doing this will help you understand your assignment better to make it easier to write an essay. How? 

First, you will know what exactly to write. Some students tend to submit outputs that do not follow the teacher’s requirements. By asking your teacher beforehand, you will have a complete grasp of what to do. Why waste your time and effort on something incorrect, right? Second, you can ask them to give you some tips and suggestions. It’s not often that a student reaches out to ask for their help. So, if that happens, they will most likely help you out. Lastly, your teacher will see your initiative and dedication to doing your assignment correctly. The more you consult with your teacher, the more you will also learn.

Create a Flat Outline

Create a flat outline
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In wanting to write a good essay fast, some students tend to neglect the outline. They would just start writing their essays without it. Even if outlining seems to be an additional task, it is essential.

An outline is a tool used to organize your ideas about a topic logically. It consists of major topics, subtopics, and supporting details. You can use it so that your thoughts will not be all over the place. However, you need to make a thesis statement first before outlining.

One of the helpful kinds of outlines is what Cal Newport calls the flat outline. It consists of the following:

  1. Don’t create a hierarchical outline. Instead, list the topics in the order you want to write them
  2. Find sources at the library on the topics you need to support your article.
  3. Select all the relevant quotes and put them under your sources for the topics.
  4. You can now transform your topic-level outline into your paper. You don’t need to start from a blank page.

Outlines are supposed to help you organize your thoughts well, not to make your head hurt. Be sure to use them to your advantage. By doing so, you will speed up your writing process.

Follow a Standard Structure

It’s not a secret that you want to impress your professor and receive a high grade. Sometimes, this even extends to doing more than what is required. However, you have to remember that your professor will check the essay based on a grading rubric. It means that you only have to follow the guidelines found on it. Familiarize yourself with what your professor needs in your output and stick with it. You don’t have to be creative if the task is not a creative writing activity. Reserve your creativity to where it matters most. So, it would help if you follow your professor’s guidelines and structure.

If you’re still uncertain of how to proceed, you can always search for sample templates online. You will find a lot of literary essay examples that you can emulate. Note: Be careful about the source of the template. Not everything you see online is credible.

Draft and Edit Separately

After completing the steps above, you now have to write. In your desire to produce a quality paper, you may find yourself drafting and editing simultaneously. You may think that this saves you a tremendous amount of time. But, doing this is counterproductive. Since this is a form of multitasking, you cannot focus on doing one task right. It can lead to a poorly-written paper.

To save yourself from this trouble, you should write the draft first and edit it separately. Write as much as you can while referring to your thesis, outline, and sources. This way, you will not lose the flow of ideas you have in mind. Once you think you have exhausted all your ideas, read them from the beginning. By doing this, you can check if the sentences and paragraphs are organized well.

If you are not very familiar with grammar rules, it’s alright to seek help. You can use the built-in spelling and grammar checkers in your gadget or online. Also, you can ask your friends to proofread your work, as long as they are willing.

Write the Conclusion

You’re almost done drafting and editing your work. You only need the conclusion. By this time, you already feel tired from writing. But, you have to remember that the ending is also significant. It is where you summarize everything that you have said in your essay. It helps the readers remember the vital parts of your paper. Without the conclusion, your work will be like a book ending in a cliffhanger. So, spare your readers this burden and write a conclusion that will make them remember your work.

Fast essay writing takes time to polish. As you write an essay again and again, you will help keep on enhancing your writing skills, too. In that journey, you will have to repeat the six steps listed above constantly. Although when you write an essay, it will be challenging, handling it the right way will help make the task much more organized. If you are still having trouble writing your assignment hire an essay writer to help you finish what you have started. 

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