Strategies for Decluttering Your Kitchen

source: foodistablog
The kitchen is easily the biggest clutter magnet in most homes for a couple of reasons:

1. Everyday clutter covers the counters and table since the kitchen is often the “heart of the home” and a temporary resting place for a million different things.

2. Within kitchen cabinets and drawers, many people have tons of gadgets and tools that we justify because of their practicality.

However, a cluttered kitchen is an inefficient kitchen and, depending on the level of clutter, it can also be a kitchen that becomes stressful and chaotic rather then cozy and inviting.

Decluttering the Kitchen

So how do you go about decluttering your kitchen? We’re not going to talk about clearing the counters today, but we are going to look at what’s hiding in your kitchen cabinets and drawers.

Like most decluttering projects, it’s important to ask yourself several questions as you go through the process so that you can objectively evaluate each gadget and tool to make a decision about whether to keep it or whether to let it go. These questions are especially important in the kitchen:

1. Do I use this item, or do I just think I use it? Maybe you made ice cream once, and it was really fun, and you’re sure you’re going to want to do it again, so you’ve counted the ice cream maker as a favorite gadget. But if it’s been three years since you’ve pulled it out, is it really?

2. Do I have multiples of the same thing? Do I really need seven wooden spoons? The answer may be yes depending on your cooking style and how often you cook and want to do dishes, but it’s important to ask yourself the question and really consider the answer.

3. Could I do the same thing with another tool? There are gadgets and nifty little tools for pretty much every cooking task there is. Pampered Chef has built a whole business around them! And while I’m not completely opposed to specialty tools (I love my orange knife, lemon zester and strawberry huller), I think it’s important to be realistic about how many of them are necessary. For a little item, it might be okay to keep something around that really only has one very specific purpose, but as you start looking at larger items, think about whether the space they take up justifies their usefulness!

Do you have gadgets and tools in your kitchen that are simply taking up space in your drawers and cabinets? What could you let go of today to help reduce the clutter?