Setting Up a Homework Zone for Success

source: jcbwalsh
source: jcbwalsh

This back-to-school series was first posted two years ago, but as we head into back-to-school season, it seems appropriate to repost it!

Do you have a homework zone set up in your home?

It doesn’t have to be a dedicated room, but having a dedicated space for homework time with easily accessible supplies helps children focus on their homework and complete it without being distracted by clutter or chaos.

For older kids and teens, this might be a corner of their bedroom with a desk and computer. For younger kids, it may just be the kitchen table or a corner of the counter.

The keys are having a space that is clear of surface clutter and keeping the basic supplies they need in a convenient location. If you’re not using a desk for the homework zone, you could fill a basket with extra lined paper and pencils as well as a ruler and any other supplies they need on a regular basis, or you could use a drawer in your kitchen or coffee table.

Help kids set up a system for completed school work. A lot of it will need to go in their binder or a folder to take back to school. However, some of it can be filed away, and some may need to be kept in file trays or organizers on the desk for easy reference.

It’s important to consider the atmosphere of the area as well. While having kids do homework in the main area of your home may be convenient and seem like a good idea, it could also lead to a lot of distractions if your home is a busy one. You might consider playing soft music or using aromatherapy to help them focus.

As with everything, it’s important to be flexible. You may find that your first setup isn’t working well for everyone and that you need to move things around to find a homework zone that will work. Don’t be afraid to try a few different things!

Do you have a dedicated homework zone for your kids? What’s the biggest challenge in setting one up? What’s the best thing you’ve included as part as your homework zone?