Stumble Your Way to Blogging Inspiration

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For the last few weeks, my posts here at Blogging…Your Way have very much been focusing on aspects of my blogging workflow and helpful tools that I use to help me be the best blogger that I can be, for my own development and, of course, my audience.

As I have said before, one of the biggest keys in becoming a highly successful blogger (however it is that you measure success) is consistency and not giving up! Those that plow on are always the successful ones! It does take time you know!

Sometimes though, you feel like giving up! For me, the times that I feel like giving up are generally when I have run out of inspiration. Or, I can’t for the life of me think what to blog about that day! Sometimes,when you are focusing so hard on something, you lose the excitement and enthusiasm, and it just takes a little bit of outside perspective to bring things back!

My secret weapon when it comes to times like this always comes good. It’s name? StumbleUpon.

What is StumbleUpon?

For those of you who don’t know, StumbleUpon is fantastic tool which allows you to easily and quickly view some of the best content on the internet within your particular area or areas of interest.

The way that StumbleUpon describe their service is:

“We help you explore new and interesting things from every corner of the Web”

How Does StumbleUpon Work?

StumbleUpon is super easy to use. Signup is a doddle; you can even use your Facebook account to join (that’s what I did!).

Sign Up Page

Once you have signed up and signed in type an area that you want to find interesting webpages about in the section that says “Explore an interest” .

For example, if you run a fashion blog, perhaps you want to do some articles on Fashion Design. Type it in, press enter, and you will get the opportunity to start flicking through some of the most popular fashion design pages on the internet! This is sure to give you a LOT of inspiration and ideas for blog posts!

You will see the following toolbar in the top left of your browser screen:

StumbleUpon Menu

When you click the “Stumble!” button, it allows you to flick to the next page. If you find a page that you like, click the “thumbs up” and if it is something that you don’t like click the “thumbs down”. This will help StumbleUpon to give you more of the content that you like over time. Plus, help StumbleUpon to know what content is good and what content is not! Cool right?

As you will also see there are also various sharing options.This s handy if you come across something that you think someone you know might appreciate, or indeed, an article that you want to email yourself to check out in more detail later!

How Do I Use StumbleUpon for Blogging?

Well, I go through periods where I will use StumbleUpon a lot. It is an extremely powerful tool, as I have said before, especially when you are lacking in inspiration! I have StumbleUpon installed on my mobile devices too (Android and iPad)!

It can be a great thing to do as a little “space filler” sometimes, as well as being a general inspiration tool for blogging. For example, if I am trying to think of something to blog about on Technology, I can just Stumble the technology section to find some interesting ideas. I also use StumbleUpon to find information on things that are more specific, depending on what I am writing about at the time.

I hope that what I have said makes sense and that you try StumbleUpon out to get some blogging inspiration! It’s a powerful tool, and I think that it will help you out a lot during those “dry” times.

Do you have any other tips for blog post ideas and inspiration? Let us know in the comments below!

James Brooks is a professional blogger, web designer and social media consultant based on the South West coast of England. As well as being a co-founder of GPlusTuts, a blog about Google+, James also enjoys blogging about technology, food and tea!