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You don’t have to Give-up on Your Business Dreams

I hear it all the time, I just don’t have time to make my hobby or dream a business reality. Many moms, and dads alike, have ideas, dreams, hobbies, etc… that they would love to turn into a business so that they can do the work that they love and have the time to spend with their family.

It is not true.

I say that knowing it is both true and not true. If you have responsibilities that you need to take care of that requires you to raise your children or do your 50+ hour per week job to make sure the bills are paid, the reality is that you will need to take all of your spare time, including some of your sleep time to start making your dreams a reality.

But, after the years of busting your butt, it is very possible to quit your job, or make the money you want in your spare time, while still having the time to raise your kids with the attention they deserve.

mother caring her child

Just for example, I want to highlight a couple of businesses below that are run by women and mothers that where able to make it work for them


During his first season on Shark Tank Chris Sacca encountered a mother, Ann Crady Weiss, who saw the need for a “smart” line of baby products with an electronic changing pad, able to track weight and length of the baby, and connect this information to your smartphone. When he first listened to the pitch given by Weiss, Sacca decided not to invest and went “out.” Eventually, all of the sharks declined to offer Weiss the deal that she initially asked for. However, Weiss was persistent and decided to change her offer a bit in the hopes that she could entice one of the sharks to join her company.

Her last ditch effort paid off. Sacca saw the value of the company and appreciated the hard work and persistence. He ended up investing $250,000 into HatchBaby, Weiss’s company. Since that time, Sacca has invested an undisclosed amount into the company and states that he feels lucky to have been an initial investor with Weiss, who he states is extremely knowledgeable and hardworking.


Toymail is another successful woman run company that Sacca invested in through Shark Tank. The story of this business is a bit unique as the founders of the company turned down their first opportunity to be on the show. Gauri Nanda and Audry HIll founded the Toymail company in 2013. They decided they were not ready to go on the show when they were first asked. This decision to wait paid off for them as they received a deal that was better than what they were initially asking for from Sacca and Lori Greiner, another investor on the show.

Toymail is a company that offers plush toys called talkies. These toys allow parents to download messages for their children. Additionally, parents can download one of the apps that will allow them to send messages to help their kids fall asleep or send them reminders. Both Lori and Chris were intrigued with the idea and wanted to be a part of it right away. Sacca and Lori have worked with the co-owners of the company in order to help make it the success that it is today. The company has expanded their offerings and has become a popular toy.

Recognizing the Strength in Women

One of Chris Sacca’s strengths is being able to gauge entrepreneurs abilities to work hard with their vision coupled with the innovative potential and scalability. But don’t just rely on others to recognize your strength, you need to see it yourself!

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