Summertime in the Southern Hemisphere

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While there’s much talk of hot cocoa, snow and winter whites in the northern hemisphere (even, surprisingly, in places like Georgia and Alabama this winter!), I wanted to put together another seasonal list for those of you in the southern hemisphere who are in the throes of summer!

Hopefully you can find some inspiration for a new meal, a new family activity or a new way to relax and enjoy the laid back summer:

The Taste of Summer

  • Slow-Roasted Cherry Tomatoes: A Simple Summer Appetizer | Simple Bites


  • Summer Grilling Series: Hot Wings | Guilty Carnivore
  • Healthy Summer Grilling: Grilled Pork with Pineapple | Meal Makeover Moms

The Taste of Summer Through the Winter

  • Preserving Summer: Freezing Broccoli 101 | Simple Bites
  • Canning Basics for Preserving Summer Produce | Kitchen Stewardship

How Does Your Garden Grow?

  • How to Build a Square Foot Garden | Frugal Dad
  • Designing the Woodland Garden | Garden Thyme with the Creative Gardener
  • Your Yearly Summer Garden Action Plan | Good

Kid Fun & Memories

  • Throw the Perfect Summer Party | Daily Candy
  • 25 Ways to Enjoy An Old-Fashioned Summer | My Super-Charged Life

Look What I Made!

  • Kids Saturday: Easy Summer Crafts | Fave Crafts

Chores & Money Making Ideas

  • Summer Chores for Young Adults | Type-A Parent
  • Turning Time into Money | Indian Link

Planning for Summer

  • 25 Ideas To Stay Cool & Beat The Heat This Summer | My Super-Charged Life

On The Road Again – Vacations & Staycations

  • 13 Things You Absolutely Must Pack For Vacation | My Super-Charged Life


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  1. It’s apparently summer in Australia but it’s pouring with rain, cold and half the country is flooding 🙁

  2. thank you so much – there have been so many posts on so many blogs that i have to fly past as not related to our season (and we don’t get snow in Brisbane ever so cannot even file away all the great cold weather activities). am about to spend too long reading lots of links – great stuff!

  3. Thanks for the links! With all the flooding going on in Brisbane/QLD at the moment, we are not straying too far from home, and a few articles to read/ponder will help pass the time while we wait for the waters to peak..

  4. Oh would you look at all this summer – thank-you !!!! You are such a star!!!

  5. Saying a prayer for all the folks in Australia and flooding areas!
    Life… Your Way Moderator
    My latest post- There is a God and it isn’t me

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