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Surviving holiday travel with Happy Family pouches and snacks!

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Happy Family Products . All opinions are 100% mine.

The holidays bring lots of cookies and treats, opportunities for giving and more, but for our family this time of year also means lots and lots of time in the car. We drive to visit family far and wide, and I’m so thankful to finally have a baby who is a good traveler! (In fact, we actually encouraged Sidney to start sucking her thumb at 2 years old because she was such a horrible traveler and it was the one thing that calmed her down!)

Although Jackson was born last year, he was such an itty bitty package that we pretty much just toted him around where we went. This year he’s a tiny little boy, with opinions and energy.

For us, that brings new challenges. Not only do we need to come up with meals on the road for him, but we also have to be prepared for feeding him at our destination since he’s still dairy intolerant.

Enter Happy Family.

Happy Family offers offers a variety of baby and toddler foods to help families stick to their healthy eating routines during the busy holiday season and all year round.

Visit the Happy Family website to learn about organic baby and toddler food. Their products are made from organic fruits and veggies and include added DHA and probiotics

And this allergy chart makes it easy for us to avoid the products with dairy!


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