Decorating With Old Architectural Elements

The following post is from Myra of My Blessed Life: In a day of sleek, simple, modern design and "cookie-cutter-like" subdivisions, homes can be given an extra boost of character, warmth, and uniqueness with historic architectural elements. Whether you are building, remodeling or just looking to refresh your home decor, implementing historic elements into your…

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Free Social Media Icon Sets

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One of the easiest customizations to make on your blog is with social media icons. For new and experienced bloggers alike, social media icons can be a fun expression of your personality, and while some people do have custom sets designed for their blog, there are tons of free sets available. Here are some of…

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Design: Starting Out, Starting Over

The following post is from Lindsey Roberts, a freelance writer covering design & décor: Let's start from the beginning. Maybe you're getting married and moving to a new apartment with no furniture. Maybe you've lived somewhere for years and now want to pull together a cohesive design for your home. Maybe you're moving to a…

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Decorating with Books

An easy way to decorate simply and inexpensively is to incorporate the things you love and use already as part of your home decor. An obvious example of this is using books to add interest and color to a room. I love using books to decorate because they're useful as well as beautiful. Here are…

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