Free Printable Recipe Cards

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Whether you're looking to organize your recipes, pass them on to other people or create a special gift, these simple, clean recipe cards make it easy to share your favorites. Print them and fill them out by hand (which adds a special touch!), or fill them out on your computer before printing (a great option…

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Handprint Calendars (FREE Printables + Lots of Ideas)

Although we haven't done one in a couple years, one of the most popular gifts we've given our parents and grandparents were these handprint calendars. With 4 little ones and 8 sets of grandparents / great-grandparents, they became a little too time-consuming to keep up with every year, but I think we'll probably do them…

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FREE Printable Gift Tags!

Are you looking for inexpensive but cute gift tags? Tara from Unsophisticook and I created these fun printable gift tags for you. Print them on cardstock or on sticker paper to add an extra special touch to all of your gifts: Gift Tags Hanging Gift Tags Or, create a special batch of cookies that tells…

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Free MICRO Goals Printable Cheat Sheet

Setting MICRO goals is an important part of actually achieving your goals. It's easy to set a big picture goal such as "lose weight" or "get a new job", but walking through the process of setting measurable, inspirational, concrete, realistic, obtainable goals is a little bit harder. This handy little pocket printable can be printed…

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Plan Your Next Birthday Party with This Free Printable

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After my oldest daughter's 6th birthday party, I knew we needed a Birthday Party Planner in the printables collection here at Life Your Way. Then Abra emailed me requesting one as well, and she was gracious enough to offer her feedback as I put this together. Next time you're in party planning mode, be sure…

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