The Importance of Focus

Whether you work at home, home school your children, run a blog or Etsy shop, or volunteer on a committee of some sort, chances are you have some kind of "work" that needs your attention each week. I've been sharing my time management tips as part of this series, and today I want to talk…

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10 Ways to Get Motivated

Last week I asked the question, "How Do You Handle Lack of Motivation?"   There were a variety of answers in the comments with some great ideas for getting motivated. I tend to take a break and find something enjoyable to do until my motivation returns (even if that means I wait until the next…

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Time Management Secrets: Getting Past Others’ Expectations

When it comes to time management, let's face it -- there is really only so much you can squeeze into a day, regardless of how organized or disciplined you are. When we try to do too much, not only can our families suffer from a stressed out mom or dad, but our health and productivity can suffer…

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Time Management Secrets: Discipline

I often get asked how I balance everything on my plate – working at home full time while taking care of three little girls 4 and under, being the best mommy to them that I can be, making homemade Christmas presents, blogging, etc.  People ask me what are my time management secrets? While I'd like…

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