9 Great Ways to Enjoy Spring Produce

The tastes of Spring are upon us! As the days warm up and the season's produce starts to bloom, there are some delicious ways to take advantage of the first lovely bites of the growing season. Spring produce include Artichokes, Asparagus, Avocados, Carrots, Chives, Fava Beans, Mangoes, Peas, Potatoes, Rhubarb, and Spinach. Enjoy the good…

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Dr. Seuss’ Birthday Bash: 9 Fun Recipes & Activities

Dr. Seuss' birthday comes again this year on March 2nd, marking Read Across America, and reminding me of the singsong voice that is a cornerstone of many childhood reading lessons. His inspirational quotes are found here and there and everywhere (including my Christmas cards this year). It's the perfect reason to have a bit of…

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Our Favorite Breakfast Casserole

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Over the years, I've tried several different breakfast casseroles for our Christmas morning, breakfast, but we never really found a recipe that we loved. Then I made this recipe for a baby shower brunch in November, and I knew it was the one. We've made it with sausage or bacon, for special occasions and just…

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Easy Squeezy Lemon Curd

The following post is from Shaina of Food for My Family and Olmanson Photography: Winter citrus is here. I always find the combination of frigid temperatures (at least up here in the North) and the citrus season coinciding interesting. Perhaps it's just my Midwestern upbringing shining through, but citrus makes me think of warmer weather,…

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