Dear Readers… + Desktop Calendar {August 2013}

To download the image above to use as your desktop wallpaper, simply click the image (or this link: August 2013 Desktop Calendar) and choose Save Link As… Then, open the picture, right click and choose Set as desktop background. Dear Readers... The past month has been a busy one as I work on several projects…

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Weekly Reads {7/15/13}

I started both Last Child in the Woods and Mansfield Park last week, and I'm really enjoying both of them, although I didn't make as much progress as I would have liked, so I hope to get through those this week. It's been fun to read Jane Austen's books in the order they were published…

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Weekly Reads + Your Favorite Parenting Books {7/1/13}

This week's list of books make me feel uber-smart, but I guess the fact that I had to re-read many passages twice, was often distracted and could only read them in spurts probably negates any of the prestige that comes from reading them. Hopefully I'll get better at reading Jane Austen with practice! Head here…

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Image by Sofia Iivarinen from Pixabay

Weekly Reads + The Classics You Haven’t Read {6/24/13}

As a blogger who blogs about books and claims to be an avid reader, I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I've never read any of Jane Austen's books. While I've always been a voracious reader, I was never really introduced to or required to read the classics, which is something I'm trying to remedy…

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