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Take better photos by the end of today


I’ve never kept a baby book for any of my babies, but with the advent of digital photography, and now camera phones, I feel like their childhoods are well documented nonetheless!

Unfortunately, that collection includes all of the shots—the good, the bad and the just plain ugly—and I often wish that I had the skills to capture the moment the way it really looks to me rather than through the camera lens.

Enter the Ultimate Digital Photography Bundle.

For the past 4 months, as part of my role at Ultimate Bundles, I have been immersed in the world of photography, chatting with top photographers, combing through digital photography products and putting together a collection of the very best resources.

The end result is a collection like no other. Worth almost $2,500 altogether, this bundle is actually divided into three tiers to make it affordable for everyone.

And if, like me, your goal is simply to capture those special moments—a funny child, a memorable occasion, a beautiful sunset—than the beginner tier is for you.

At just $37, this collection includes over $555 worth of training handpicked to help you take better photos without having to dig through tutorials on the internet, sign up for extra classes or spend hours trying to figure out what different terms mean.


It includes the $199 Photography Masterclass from Phil Ebiner, with step-by-step tutorials and videos to show you how to use your camera.

…and Chantel Klassen’s Shoot in Manual Mode ecourse, which breaks down manual mode into bite-size, easy-to-understand pieces.

…and Katie Evans The Key to Taking Pictures Like a Professional Photographer, which not only provides camera tips, but tips on composition, getting your kids to act natural and editing photos afterward to make them picture perfect.

…and The Unexpected Everyday from Courtney Slazinick, which includes 30 easy-to-implement tips and accompanying prompts to get you capturing those moments today.


For someone like me—a busy mom who shoots most often with my phone (because who wants to wrangle a big DSLR while also wrangling 5 kids?!)—I’m especially excited about the tips and information that David Molnar includes in his popular iPhone Only Photography ebook.

And it continues from there, with a total of 13 ebooks and 5 ecourses to help you improve your photography quickly and with advice straight from the pros.

This collection is only available through Monday, June 29th, so you don’t want to wait! If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to use your fancy camera, or you fear that you’re missing out on the chance to capture precious moments, grab this bundle today:

P.S. Do you want more than the basics? If so, the Intermediate tier is for you! You’ll get more than double the resources for just $67, including tons of great bonus offers—including a FREE Craftsy class, Photoshop training, 4 issues of Clarity magazine, a free wrist strap for your camera, and more!

Click here to see all that this tier includes.

P.P.S. Not sure if the bundle is really for you? You can still get a sneak peek with this FREE guide to composition and start taking better pictures right away!

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