Take Charge of Your Summer with the 2012 Summer Survival Calendar

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It seems like there are two versions of summer vacation: The first is the busy summer full of camps and activities and play dates, while the second is a laid back summer with no structure or outside activities.

Well, maybe there are three versions. For those of us who have kids home all day long anyway (whether it be the toddler/preschool variety or our homeschool students), summer can feel like a continuation of the rest of the year, without anything special to remind us of the summers of our own youth.

None of those options are necessarily bad, but I’ll have to admit I always dream of more!

I wish for the lazy days of summer, without a ton of commitments or places to go, but I also wish for ways to mark these days as special — a little activity, a special frozen treat, a picnic in the backyard.

And honestly, summer seems to fly by a little faster every year and it never quite looks the way I expected.

Part of the problem is gathering the ideas and committing them to the calendar. Sure, my Pinterest board of activities for the girls is overflowing with ideas, but getting those ideas from Pinterest to real life doesn’t always happen.

2012 Summer Survival Calendar

summer-calendarSusan from The Confident Mom wants to help you take charge of your summer and make it the summer you’ve always dreamed of with the 2012 Summer Survival Calendar.

Packed full of boredom-blasting activities, creative craft projects, kid-friendly recipes, and more, this colorful summer calendar features at least one affordable (often free!) activity each day from May 15 to August 31 — from making your own kite, ice cream in a bag, hopscotch, and solar s’mores to sandpaper painted T-shirts, driveway baseball, pajama day, and pepperoni pizza cups!

And the best part, each activity includes a clickable link with project directions and supplies to make planning and execution easy.

You’ll also find printable calendars, planning tools and worksheets to help you organize and plan your summer.

A summer full of activities that keep my kids engaged and excited for each new day? It sounds like a dream!

Click here to get your 2012 Summer Survival Calendar now.

This is a sponsored post, but all opinions and dreams are 100% my own!